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Eid Al-Adha 2019: the celebration in Yaoundé

Muslims in Yaoundé prepare to celebrate Tabaski in style this year. 

Here in briquetteri neighborhood, tailors are under pressure because they haven’t finished sewing their costumers dresses,  “ my tailors has not finished my dress, which I brought earlier enough so avoid being disappointed, but here I am still waiting” says Aicha labaran.

Although the tailor says it isn’t her fault because, the electricity power went off for three days. “I do not like to disappoint my customers because I do not want to loose them, but they should try to understand me at least I haven’t disappointed them before” says Hajara a tailor.

Aissatou stays at Nkolnisson is in briquetteri to draw her henné. “I prefer coming over here for drawing my Henné because the person who does it knows how to draw it well” explains Aissatou. also People have to come early because she has lots of people to draw for and they are even people who sleep there just for get their henné drawn.

At Islamic complex Tsinga, the mosque is been cleaned up for tomorrow’s prayers. Prayers will be conducted in neighborhoods in Yaoundé such as Etoudi , Nkobission, Nkolbon, Biyemassi, Islamic complex tsinga, Briquetteri and Omnisports.

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