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Rambo: The people’s latest hit song

The song “Rambo” by Aveiro Djess , a Cameroonian artist has home viral on social media. It is also widely sang in parties, weddings , and every other event.

The name “Rambo” most certainly reminds us of good memories of the cinéphile, of a certain age, Sylvester Stallone who happens to be the main actor in a movie in late 1970s. But, in 2019 due to a young talented Cameroonian artist it is about dance.

Rambo is a special song, much loved by the Indomitable Lions.

During the 2019 AfCON in Egypt, the indomitable Lions danced to the tune of “Rambo” to celebrate their first victory. The Lions defeated to Guinness-Bissau (2-0). Though, the song has apparently has no moral value, people across the nation have fallen in love with the “Rambo”.  Loonies is a fan in, “ I like the way they dance is performed. I watch it with much pleasure . I also like the artist because he is handsome”.

Rambo : Profiling the author, Aveiro Djess

Aveiro Djess Finley called “Bangado” is a talented Cameroonian artist . He began his career as a Disk jockey and soon after , decided to pursue a career in music . Aveiro Djess actually began producing albums late owing to lack of funds and support from producers. Rambo is composed of three musical genres; Ndombolo, Bikutsi and Zouglou.

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