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The video “Number One” of Hire Le Coq features Daphne is available

Hiro and Daphne is in a collaboration present “ Number One” this is a love piece with special emphasis on the enormous sacrifices that love can endure.

This is his second album and the Congolese lover boy says that Erratum was written by women and it is inspired by true stories, regarding his collaboration with Miss Calée.

“Erratum” was produced by Milesime Musik, Independent label founded by Hiro Le Coq in collaboration with Urban PIAS another label based in France.

A very evocative title that captures attention because of the word Erratum, which exist in the French dictionary. Its means “error reported in a book”.

The former vocal leader of the band Bana C4 would really like to talk about him in this album consisting of about 18 tracks.

The album consists of a mix of urban, afro Pop, Rumba and Zouk. That justifies the choice of the artists who appear on the Album these include Naza, Kalash criminal, Ninoh, Singuila, Daphne,Toofan.

The video is available on YouTube and other download platforms.

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